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"Extreme Sting"
The Whip Chamber
Caddy Compson
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We chain the naked and fragile Caddy Compson facing the wall with her legs spread...and we unleash our Kraken in Sir Nik...he ramps up the play for 20 minutes before really getting into the hard stuff, but the average model would have folded during the warm up...a series of floggers leads to a series of single tails...all the while, Caddy getting redder, getting the end, he is using dual tails and 10 foot stock whips...throwing whips like that takes real skill especially with something as fragile as human skin...there is a very small window between making contact and doing real damage...not to mention just getting the tail to fall where you want...just about everything we do takes expertise and should never be tried before consulting experts, books, manuals or lessons...and this is an extreme example of that...and Caddy shows exactly how a well trained submissive should behave during an impact session...she remains still as she can, and when she does have to move, she gets herself into position again...there is no finer ass to watch squirm and flinch...Hats off to Caddy for enduring such a long and challenging session...Ogre...(Shoot ID: CAD_012711)

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