FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I quickly and easily cancel my subscription?
Argus / CTDpay.com Customers : Customer service for CTDpay.com
CCBill Customers : Customer service for CCbill
Netbilling Customers : Customer service for Netbilling

Where can I find players for the video clips?
Windows Media Player : Go here to download
Real Media Player : Go here to download
Quick Time Player : Go here to download
Windows Media Flip for Mac : Go here to download

Troubleshooting video or display issues?>
Please use Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Please get the latest versions of your browser. Please get the latest versions of the players you are using. These steps solve about 90% of the video and display questions, comments or issues. There is more to read about these subjects below.

Now featuring the DungeonCorp Pass.>
At this point, all members, new and old have access to all five of our sites. Each site uses the same login as the others. If you joined SocietySM 6 months ago, your login will work on the other four sites. If you use the login recovery link (below) because you lost your login info or it was compromised and blocked, your login for all five of the sites will be changed.

Cookie information. Why do I need to enable cookies now?
A "cookie" is a small piece of information sent by a web server to store on a web browser so it can later be read back from that browser. This is useful for having the browser remember some specific information. The specific information we are now storing in your browsing session has to do with flowing from one members area to another without having to keep logging in. This became very useful to our members as we switched to an all inclusive subscription option. Remember, you have access to all of our sites. But you do need to set your browser and/or firewall to accept cookies. Or just add our sites to your "trusted" list.

Why doesn't my login work anymore?
Let's start with the simple stuff. Is it possible that you have just forgotten your login details?
Are you sure your join attempt was successful? Did you get an email from the billing company with your subscription information? Are you sure your subscription hasn't expired? Even if you didn't cancel, there may have been problems rebilling your account.

Our members security system is designed to stop login sharing and login theft. It will do this in a couple different ways. If a login is used from more than two IPs or computers, our security system will block your account for 24 hours. If you attempt to login more than five times unsuccessfully, you will be blocked from even attempting to login for 20 minutes. Of course, this is to stop people from trying to guess over and over and something more devious called a dictionary attack.

How is my login being used by someone else?
There are many ways that hackers can get your login info and use it. We do what we can on our side to counter their attacks. If you find your login is being blocked on a regular basis, it is almost certain that the hackers are reading the info from your computer. They do this with Malware, Spyware and Viruses. We strongly encourage you to get an anti-spyware/malware program to rid your computer of these problems. We highly reccomend RegCure. Just do a search on google for Regcure or anti-spyware software. Anti-virus software may not be enough to clean your computer of these types of issues.

Can the billing companies like CCbill change or reset my password?
No, they cannot. If your login stops working and you are sure your subscription is still active, do not contact the billing companies. They will be unable to assist you with a new login. First, try to use our login recovery system (below). If that does not work for you, please contact us using the customer support link (below).

How can I recover my login information?
For a quick response, use our Login Recovery
or contact DungeonCorp
Customer Support.

Please check your spam and bulk email folders for our responses.
It is becoming increasingly difficult to get email to people these days. If you used the login recovery system or the customer support link, you need to check your spam and bulk email folders for our response. Thanks

I can't get the videos to play. Can you help?
Yes. We need to figure out what videos are you talking about. I think most of the problems are occuring with the newest video formats, so let's start there.

The only videos on our sites that will stream or play from our server are the Flash streaming clips. The flash streaming video appears at the top of every "new style" gallery index. We started the new style on 01/01/2010. The flash video will load, and then you must press play. At that point, the clip is streaming from our Flash server and you can click on the time line indicator to search forward and back by dragging it accros the timeline. You can also view full screen by clicking the monitor icon on the flash player. Please contact us if you cannot view these videos. Even if you enjoy downloading the clips for yourself, you can use the Flash stream to preview which clips you might like.

If you are having trouble with our new downloadable formats, the following information will help you. First, I'll mention that we don't zip our downloadable clips to make them download faster. Zipping actually doesn't effect the download speed at all. We zip them so that they must be downloaded. These clips will not play from the internet. They are entirely too large for us to stream to you. If we did not zip them, there would be all kinds of folks left clicking on them, in which case the video would lock up and they would complain. But the point is, they must be downloaded first and played from your own CPU. Zipping them removes the ability to try to play them from our server. That is it. Unzipping the files should be quite easy. With any newer operating system, you can simply open the zipped file once it is downloaded, drag the files onto your desktop or anywhere on your computer that isnt a zip folder and play it from there. Some operating systems will have troubles playing it from the actual zip file so this is what must be done.

The downloadable clips come in two different formats:

Standard Definition, Widescreen : 790 x 444, 1.0 Mbit, Windows Media Zipped
These clips play well on a Windows Media Player, a DIvX Player or a VLC Player.
Although they are our smallest downloadable format, they are still a large file and a high quality video. Older systems, without a decent processor, video card or RAM will have problems playing these clips.

High Definition, Widescreen : 1280 x 720, 1.5 Mbit, Mpeg 4 Zipped
These clips play well on a VLC player, DivX Player or a QuickTime player. These are encoded as an H264 file with an Mpeg wrapper. I have even gotten them to play on a Windows Media player and Real media player, but you must have the absolute latest versions of whatever player you wish to use. And you may have to update your browser in order to update your players. These files are very large and demand a newer system in order to play them.

How can I contact the webmaster?

Please use this quick and easy form : DungeonCorp Customer Service