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Preview"SilverWoman Gets Strapped, Vibed and Fucked"
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It's another DungeonCorp Feature entitled FantasyDamsels...this section of the new Members Area will feature all things fantasy driven...storyline inspirations...I'm looking forward to producing good amounts of super heroine content along with other always, your ideas, as Members, are invaluable to send them in using our customer service form...

Sindy was a new model who we booked for a SocietySM shoot and it was apparent that she was NOT ready to go there...let's face it, that's a pretty far place to go into the world of serious instead of sending her home without a good bondage experience under her belt, I elected to make fantasy lemonade from her newbie lemons...That's kinda the point in having different sites and why we started PerfectSlave back in 2004...Lots of hot models want to try bondage, but they dont want to jump into a pair of clover clamps right off the bat...just being tied up and naked in a room full of strangers will plum rattle some folks...but some of these folks are pretty fucking Jana Cova, Charlie Laine, Isabella Camille..when you get the chance to tie up and shoot models like that, you take it! Whether or not they are down for whatever you have planned...change your plans! We did, and that is how PerfectSlave was born...Maybe I take it as a personal challenge, or more possibly, a personal turn get those models into bondage one way or another...

So, we quickly transform Sindy into a super heroine...a rhinestone studded bikini, silver thigh-high boots and silver wrist cuffs or bullet deflectors, as I like to refer to them...the outfit is incomplete though...the trademark of any Superhero would seem to be a mask, or a cape...the entire concept demands something elaborate in terms of outfits...but this is one of our first attempts...

Never the less, the fantasy shoot goes on as Sindy becomes SilverWoman! The photos pick up where Sindy has broken into the lair of her arch nemisis, IT...As most superheoines turn out to be knuckle heads, the same rings true for SilverWoman as IT approaches her from behind with a cattle good bite on her ass sends SilverWoman unconcious, to the floor...but let's face it, if these chics were capable superheroines, they would never end up groped and strapped to a large cage with a vibrator on thier cunt and a dildo stuffing thier sweetness...and that is where we all want to see, SilverWoman's fate is written by our fantasies...There will be few triumphs for our hapless heroines, but hopefully we will have a lot of fun shooting these scenes and you all will enjoy them...(Shoot ID: VAR_SIN_031609)

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